About Me

My name is Jon Ruddell, and I am a a software engineer who specializes in WebRTC development and the JHipster developer platform. I also consult independently on the side.

I previously built an ultra-low-latency video platform capable of delivering WebRTC streams from a single source to hundreds of thousands of viewers, with a main focus on sports events and commentary.

I love diving into new technologies and platforms and figuring out how to use them to to meet my needs. I have experience in a variety of topics including backend (Spring Boot, Java, NodeJS, Python), frontend (JavaScript, Angular, React, React Native, TypeScript, Vue, HTML/CSS), databases (SQL), cloud deployment (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean), and more.

Feel free to reach out to me if you want to open a dialogue or collaborate. You can find me on Twitter at @jonruddell and Github at @ruddell